GRAB BAG Ep. 2: Week In Review, July 14


(0:09) Country star Randy Houser plays games with Dan while Shelby is on vacation. He did better than Chris Young.(2:25) July 4th edition of FAKE NEWS or NOT, with guest from sister station Mix 99, Mary Booth.(5:00) Joey Chestnut wins the Nathan’s hot dog eating championship again. Dan & Shelby definitely have opposing thoughts.(7:00) We check on Matt McCoy (from our sister station 107.3 KISS FM) and see how he did dressing as a cow and going to Chick Fil A on Cow Appreciation Day. (9:30) What is a phloem bundle and why should we eat them???

Introducing Dan and Shelby's Grab Bag Podcast
Introducing Dan and Shelby's Grab Bag Podcast
Dan and Shelby dig into movies with the kids, family time and kicking off their first podcast in 10 years!


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