Vote for 95 KSJ in the Nappie Awards!

The Lagniappe Awards are back, and you can vote for your local Mobile, AL area faves! 

We are proud to be nominated for a few in the Media section! We are what some call "seasoned vets," it means we have been around so long (especially Dan) that we could literally could keel over at any you should probably vote for us while we are still alive.  :) Shelby


Favorite Radio Station FM = 95KSJ  

Best Local DJ = Shelby Mitchell  

Best DJ Team = Dan & Shelby 

DJ Whose Voice Leads you to Believe you may want to see HER naked= Shelby Mitchell 

Best Morning Show DJ =Bobby Bones on KSJ 

Here's the link to vote! Hurry, ends this week. Vote for us every hour if you are totally bored. -->

P.S. Take a look at when Dan & Shelby both won the "Naked" award a few years ago! Lagniappe came to the station and did a photo shoot with strategically placed was hilarious! 

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