Fashion: Rompers For Men Have Arrived

Is it fashionable for grown men to dress like giant babies? 

A company just created ROMPERS for men.  If you don't know what a romper is, it's a one-piece combo of a shirt and shorts.  They look cute on babies and *some* women.  For men?  Well . . . I personally don't think it's a great look. But each his own.  

But a Kickstarter for the man rompers just went live . . . and they're calling them RompHIMS.  And at $95 for a Romphim, they've already raked in over $100,000. 


P.S. the first time I even heard of a Man Romper was when Cam Newton wore one to Coachella last month! (scroll down) 

:) Shelby 

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