Undergrads 3D-Print Prosthetic Arm For Ten-Year-Old Violinist

Thanks to a group of undergraduate students at George Mason University, a ten-year-old girl who was born with no left hand is now playing the violin. They designed a special prosthetic arm for Isabella Nicola and she was recently able to test out her new hot pink 3D-printed arm.

The prosthetic was the capstone project for the senior bioengineering majors and they even worked with a music professor to get the range of motion Nicola needs to move her bow on the strings. And the team also surprised her with an extra attachment that lets her grip a handlebar so she can ride a bicycle.

Nicola wanted to play violin since her school started offering string lessons in the fourth grade. And while her mom never said no, she knew there was no guarantee it would work. But her elementary school music teacher reached out to his alma mater and they made it happen for her. "I feel very blessed that I have this amazing group of people," Nicola says.

Source: ABC News

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