some pics from Sam Hunt's wedding over the weekend

SAM HUNT made it official! He married his fiancée Hannah Lee Fowler on Saturday.  According to TMZ, the wedding took place at a Methodist church in his hometown in Cedartown, Georgia, and there were around 150 guests. 

The reception followed at a place called In The Woods in Rockmart, Georgia.  A source says the ceremony and reception were videotaped, but for family only.  The couple is NOT selling photos to the gossip sites, but a few surfaced.

Here's a slideshow of some pics from outside the church. #2 and #3 show Sam and the rest are Hannah and her gorgeous gown! The venue seems really nice too.

Sam's "15 in a 30 Tour" doesn't get going until June 1st . . . so it's a safe to say they're probably enjoying an awesome honeymoon in some exotic location as we speak!

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