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Bill Black


I ONCE had lots of hair

Good morning friends.  I told my sweet grand daughter Emerson that I used to have lots of curly hair.  She looked at me as if an eggplant had just sprouted from my nose.  I tried to...
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He's a good fetcher.

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Maren's makeover.

Maren Morris  has turned her East Nashville backyard into the ultimate party space. She tells People , “I’m always on the road, so when I am home...
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The politics of Country Music.

Brad Paisley  isn't the only one having a little fun with the political campaigns lately. Last week,  Craig Campbell  put his own spin on  Donald Trump 's campaign slogan,...
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Tim McGraw takes up a worthy cause.

It is well known that  Tim McGraw  is serious about his healthy lifestyle. The country star works out consistently and has one of the best bodies in country music. So, when he was...
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This bulldog is my hero!

An English bulldog has a hilarious reaction to a scary movie. Not realizing that it's just a movie, the dog tries to warn a girl on the screen of her imminent demise.
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It's national Junk Food Day

So do you have a "go to" favorite Junk Food? #JUNKFOODDAY!  What do you love to indulge in?  I do love me a burger.....and fries.....
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Jayna Brown: See How This Smiley Teen Singer Earns the Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2016

This 14-year-old singer pushed through her nervousness and blew everyone away with her voice and performance. She received a standing ovation--and the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Louis...
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CRAIG MORGAN: Issues Statement on Son's Death

Craig Morgan  is thanking everyone for their support as he and his family continue to mourn the loss of his son  Jerry Greer . The country singer, who buried his son last...
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Screaming Goat Piano

It is what it says it is.  Click on the Goat and see for yourself.
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