Shania TwainGetty Images

A Shania Twain tour stop is an economic boom for local produce farmers. While on the road, the singer hopes for a small truckload of lemons, papayas, mangoes, bananas, melons, beets, broccoli and carrots — 10 pounds of carrots! The vegetarian points out that she often eats with her crew and has special demands. You think? On stage, she likes to know she’s safe, so a K9 sweep of the area may be requested to deter people from making fake bomb threats. Additionally, Twain has her own security dog.


Kid RockRick Diamond, Getty Images

In addition to a snack-filled catering list, Kid Rock asks each venue for a selection of Fruit of the Loom or Hanes underwear. Specifically, he wants a pack of white T-shirts (with pocket), a pack of white tank tops and a pack of white boxer shorts ( size medium). In addition, Rock asks for a pack of white crew socks for his day. Fans can rest easy knowing the singer is always wearing clean undies when he sings.


Alabama‘s tour rider seems pretty standard — even friendly to the environment in the request to use reusable silverware whenever possible. One note that seems curious, however, is that if any animal is found backstage on show day, the band will not perform. No explanation is given for this strict anti-pet policy.


Keith UrbanEthan Miller, Getty Images

Keith Urban may have the healthiest tour menu in country music. Among his rider requests are two breakfasts: one for before a workout and one for after. Neither seem to have a gram of fat, though — the singer specifically requests no butter be used, ever! His meals are full of fresh vegetables and steamed chicken. After the show, it’s more of the same — although he does allow himself a few cans of Coke and Pepsi for the tour bus.


Reba McEntireMark Davis, Getty Images

Reba McEntire‘s requests are very, very modest, but also very, very specific. In her 2000s rider, the singer and actress asked for clear — “absolutely clear, not opaque” — plastic Solo cups, and for all refreshments to be presented and arranged “with a delicate touch.” While limiting flowers to a minimum, one should strive to bring her sodas and bottled waters in a way that provides an “overall pleasing presentation.” Hey, you can’t blame a country girl for wanting to class up the joint.


Taylor SwiftBen Pruchnie, Getty Images

For her 2008 tour, Taylor Swift requested something special for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Each day began with the same Starbucks order (one grande iced caramel latte, one grande iced Americano, one slice pumpkin loaf), but Saturdays were notable for being spaghetti day. For Swift, Thursday, of course, is Twizzler day, and on Fridays, Swift requested a small jar of dill pickles to be included with her grocery haul.


Hank Williams Jr.Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Hank Williams, Jr. is a hard-nosed country singer, but he appreciates life’s luxuries — like a private limousine to travel in at all times. The singer also takes his personal safety very seriously. An armed, uniformed police officer is required to accompany the producer to and from the venue. This officer will travel in his or her own vehicle, and six other armed guards are required for the venue. Bocephus simply isn’t messing around.


Dixie ChicksMichael Buckner, Getty Images

It’s not required, but the Dixie Chicks strongly recommended turning many of the men’s rooms inside each venue into women’s restrooms. During their 2000 tour, the group expected as much as 70 percent of their fans to be women, and wanted to save them the frustration of a long line. Additionally, the trio apparently wanted to go golfing before each show, and requested passes to a local championship-level golf course.


Faith HillJason Kempin, Getty Images

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw‘s original Soul 2 Soul Tour rider was extensive due to the massive amount of personnel and production required. The strangest request came in the form of a mini campground outside of their buses, and the singers even asked for a walled-in tent with AstroTurf. Once she steps into her dressing room, however, Hill’s demands are modest. She requests furniture and seating, plus one flower arrangement that “MUST NOT INCLUDE LILIES.”