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Here are some major hints for V-Day, guys!

Here are a few. See more from the link below!  You are welcome :)Shelby

  1. Making the bed -- When we head upstairs to get dressed and see a freshly made bed staring back at us, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
  2. Getting the kids ready for school -- Even if it's only once a week, taking the hustle and bustle out our morning routine so we can enjoy a cup of coffee is priceless to us.
  3. Coming home early to get the kids off the bus -- Being at home all day is tough for us, and we're pretty much tied to the house in the afternoons when the kids come home from school. It sure is nice to run errands and take some time for ourselves without having to beat the clock.
  4. Scooping the poop -- Whether it be cleaning the litter box without being asked, walking the dog, or picking up the leftover dog droppings in the front yard -- we totally heart our dudes when we're off poop duty for once.
  5. Taking care of our cars -- Whether it be filling up the gas tank, putting air in our tires, taking them in for maintenance, or simply scraping the snow and ice off our windshield on their way out -- handling car stuff reminds us that we're loved.