SHELBYSPEAK: From IN the air... to ON the air, here are a few of my travel observations :)

We had a great trip to California, but spent a lot of time in airports. Here are a few things I learned...

1. Airport fashion is very very interesting. 80's workout MC Hammer-type pants. Tube top (and NOT on a model). Black socks with sandals (surprised it wasn't my dad). Stiletto heels WITH camo sweats running down the aisle, everyone waiting for her to fall down. and this dude...I have no explanation.

2. As soon as we get off the ground I have to go...even though I just went before we got on the plane.

KOHLER Wellworth White 1.28-GPF/4.85-LPF 12-in Rough-in Watersense Elongated 2-Piece Standard Height Toilet

3. Airport Starbucks seems more tasty then regular Starbucks.

4. You know you have a great travel partner when he offers to carry your giant carry on and he already has his own giant carry on. ;)

5. That moment when you weigh your suitcase and *just* make it at 49 lbs.

6. Looking out of the window makes you still want to lay on the puffy clouds like you did the very first time you were on a plane.

7. If the Fireman and I were rich and had what I call a certain "luxury" credit card, we could have access to an area that has a spa, manicures, upscale food bar and free drinks! (Good gosh, I would never make any of my flights! SO glad I'm not rich!)

8. Wishing there were giant signs on land where we could look down and see where we were. "this is Utah" or at Roswell maybe "Aliens landed here" etc.

P.S. Here are some strange things that looked like crop circles! We could not figure out what they were! I think that really was where the Roswell where aliens landed!