Teenagers Nick and Matt Hall from Pensacola have become huge stars on Vine. (If you don't know what that is, you are probably "seasoned" like Dan, so just ask your daughters, or Google it. :) Basically it's an app where you post 6-second videos.) They have 860K+ followers-- and growing-- as of today, 6/12/14! It's mostly young people...but hey, they are people too! :) 

Colton brought them to our attention and we invited them to the studio. We liked these guys and had fun hanging out with them! I scolded them on some of their language, but overall thought they were adorable and they made me smile. Dan said they were super-talented and funny. Uncle Henry was dumbfounded that people will pay to Meet & Greet with them. :) Their older brother Bobby, is sometimes their camera dude and marketing dude. We are all now the very best of friends so it's all good. Next time they come back we are all doing new fun crazy Vine videos so that their youth and fame can rub off on the Breakfast Club.

Here's their official site with all merch and links. (If you are a teenage girl, you already know this...)


Love, kisses, and lollipops! Shelby

Great times in studio with these young internet superstars!






Poor guys getting harassed by Uncle Henry



We are BFF's kinda like a wolfpack