The people picked the punishment for Colton's Facebook prank a few weeks ago, (see his page for details on the prank) and everyone decided he had to wash love bugs off of car windshields WHILE DRESSED as MILEY CYRUS! We had several suggestions: a giant love bug, Johnny football, Honey Boo Boo, and others. But most chose Miley. Hee-larious!

I had fun making the outfit. Who knows maybe I will wear it for Halloween. Or sell it! We decided to alter it a little, we didn't want to be as vulgar as Miley! LOL. Also, Bebo's was nice enough to let use their parking lot. And we also took donations for St Jude Children's Research Center! Folks could donate any amount, but if you gave $5, you got a free car wash from Bebo's!  Colton also pumped gas and took pictures with folks, even the creepers. :)

He was a great sport and people were satisfied with his punishment. Enjoy the pics!


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