Scary OLD 95 KSJ coffee mug (it's has on boots... and I swear, it moves when we aren't looking...)



If your consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, if may be time for you to stick some butter in your Americano.

This trend has been catching on for a while now and it finally has a name – Bulletproof Coffee.

It consists of:

A cup of black coffee, a tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed butter, and a tablespoon of palm/kernel oil (known as MCT).

Then you just "blend until frothy" and enjoy!

The people who swear by the buttered coffee claim that it does everything from sustain your energy, to help with weight loss.

And in case you're wondering what it tastes like, it's described as "a lot like drinking a latte, only more buttery/oilier." (Jezebel)