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Bill Black


Jeopardy devastation

Not a good day at the game show.  
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We're getting a WHAT?

Turn up the volume for this one.  This dog's reaction is priceless.  
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A little fun with Blake

Watch that potty mouth Blake!  Little acoustic performancein nashville.  
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The tears coming from your eyes are not from dust or someone chopping onions in the room. It's from this adorable  video  that's bringing the Internet and social media to tears. It...
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To say these Texas friends are close is a huge understatement. All best friends share a lot in common, but few could say they share a kidney. Danny Kolzow has been in need of a kidney for a...
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Brand new cupcake, if you dare!

  OK, this is gross. A bakery in California has created a pimple cupcake. Yep, this thing looks exactly like a zit – and you can “pop” it and yellow custard comes...
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Who is bringing home the bacon?

Garth Brooks   ranks at the top of   Forbes 's list of the World's Highest Paid Country Music Acts for 2016. From June 2015 through June 2016, he brought in $70 million...
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I ONCE had lots of hair

Good morning friends.  I told my sweet grand daughter Emerson that I used to have lots of curly hair.  She looked at me as if an eggplant had just sprouted from my nose.  I tried to...
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He's a good fetcher.

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Maren's makeover.

Maren Morris  has turned her East Nashville backyard into the ultimate party space. She tells People , “I’m always on the road, so when I am home...
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